Researchers have developed an app to make meal planning easier for people with type 2 diabetes.

The Victorian Government is spending $81 million on an extra 30 drug rehabilitation beds.

The Australian Nursing Federation wants the WA Government to provide blood tests for lead poisoning at the Queen Elizabeth II medical centre.

Giving lollies to crying kids may make them emotional eaters later in life.

The Queensland Government insists that medical student places at the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital will not go to international students.

Researchers have come up with a cheap, rapid test to identify disease-causing bacteria that have developed resistance to the so-called ‘antibiotic of last resort’, colistin.

Neuroscientists have shown that gut bacteria “speak” to the brain to control food choices in animals.

RMIT researchers are testing a high-tech pill that measures gastrointestinal gas.

The Australian Paramedics Association (APA) says NSW ambulance crews are struggling with a failing radio network.

Legal euthanasia should not be considered “the panacea to improving end-of-life care”, according to one US expert.

Experts say the way foods are labelled creates unnecessary risks for kids with allergies.

Mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has launched a nationwide ad campaign to support the cashless welfare card.

South Australia is making it easier for doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

A new study shows investing in adolescent health and education brings significant economic benefit.

In a seriously ‘mad science’ piece of research, the brains of old mice have been rejuvenated by injecting plasma from a human umbilical cord.

Scientists and supporters of science will march in support of science this Saturday.

The Australian Medical Association wants the "revolving door" leadership policy at SA Health to stop.

Australian experts say they are “deeply concerned” by the death of a woman from an antibiotic-resistant bacterium.

New South Wales is facing the spectre of a measles outbreak, with 16 cases confirmed in the Sydney’s west.

New research suggests that disease from air pollution has increased in the last 25 years, and prevention measures in the most polluted countries are needed to prevent more loss of life.

Health experts say 800 Australians die per year from prescription pain killer overdoses, but that number could continue to rise.

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