Australia punches well above its weight in terms of research outcomes, a habit highlighted by the release of the Ten of the Best Research Projects 2013 report.

Over a million Australian students, young jobseekers, carers and young people with a disability will see a small increase to their Centrelink payments from next year.

About forty young graduates had their public service careers ended before they could begin, but now may get another start.

This time of year means graduation for many students, and in the case of an honours graduand from ANU, brings the chance to change the world some more.

Many will be intimately aware of the compounding effect of a snorer sleeping on their back, but researchers in Adelaide are conducting trials of a new pillow that could silence the annoyance.

A new device under development in Victoria will enable surgeons to fix broken bones by drawing on them.

Recent developments in nanophotonics are being used by Macquarie University researchers to create a new generation of programmed crystals.

All but one of the medical professionals advising on the health and well-being of asylum seekers have been sacked, following a purge that could leave thousands at risk.

A well-timed report has made a few suggestions to minimise the damage from excess mirth and merry-making this Christmas, unfortunately they involve something other than the couch and leftover turkey.

Thousands of Queensland doctors have been angered by changes in their employment conditions, after doctors at public hospitals were moved to individual contracts rather than collective bargaining.

Authorities are keeping a close eye on the state of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, after the recent COAG (Council of Australian Governments) meeting saw changes made which might indicate a new direction for the plan.

Most Australian parents do not want fast-food companies plugging their products to kids at sporting grounds.

One day a selfie might save your life.

A video game controller that allows people with limited use of their hands to play the latest games has won a design award in South Australia.

Some Australian researchers are beaming with pride to see their little one grow up – scientists in Queensland have guided stem cells to grow into a baby kidney.

In the growing embryo, cells jostle for space by tugging and nudging their neighbours, and now there is a way to measure the tiny forces they exert on each other in the struggle for life.

Almost no-one likes putting in eye drops, and studies have shown that a number of factors make them a fairly ineffective way to dispense medicine – now a new device may end the age of ocular inconvenience and injury for many.

University of Queensland researchers have stood in opposition to the reduction of services for pregnant women, supporting nurses in a rally at a Brisbane hospital.

Two engineers will embark on major research projects for cancer drug delivery and nano-sensors, thanks to funding from the Australian Research Council.

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, but new findings suggest a rose smelled by any other nose would actually smell quite different.

A GP has been charged and will now have to give a consent form to all his patients, after falsely claiming he could cure cancer with green tea.

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