Evidence is beginning to show a clear link between diet quality, nutritional deficiencies and mental health.

The UN is calling on global governments to reverse the decline in physical education (PE) investment worldwide.

Researchers have sent a tiny motor for a spin, fuelled only by the stomach acid of a mouse.

The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) is preparing to introduce its first generation of ‘Advanced Practice Pharmacists’.

An international study has found that girls outperform boys in educational achievement worldwide.

Mexican officials are giving free train tickets to any passenger that wants to improve their health.

A recent study found the risk of a rare brain tumour doubled among women using hormonal contraception, including the pill, for five years or more.

A new study suggests simple communication tools can help many patients on ventilators.

Nature has long held the engineering secrets to power the future, and researchers are now looking to pinch another one – the power of self-assembly.

Researchers have found five genetic variants that could play a big role in brain development, educational and psychiatric conditions.

There are fears that a NSW Government move to close several medical warehouses will leave regional surgeons short of supplies.

A study in which 6 people reported their own observations of wind turbine effects is being used as an argument against the wind energy industry.

As millions stoop to read the latest news, gossip, emails and cat memes, experts warn the awkward angle of modern life could be a serious health risk.

A Canberra doctor has been allowed to continue practising, despite unsafely prescribing opioids to addicts.

A GP-turned-Coalition-backbencher has slammed the Federal Government’s attempts at Medicare reform, and laid down a few ideas of his own.

A casual glance at nearly anyone’s mobile shows that smartphone screens are pretty unclean, but a new study has magnified the grossness in the name of science.

An elastic implant that moves with the spinal cord has restored the ability to walk in paralysed rats, and could be on the way to human trials.

Experts may soon treat ‘radicalisation’ as a mental health issue, rather than trying to combat it with jail time and restrictive laws.

A rise in cases has lead the Victorian government bring back free whooping cough vaccines for expectant mothers and parents of newborns.

More accolades for one of the people behind Australia’s most exciting medical invention, as Professor Graeme Clark receives the US Russ Prize for the cochlear implant.

The Australian Medical Association says the Abbott Government has enacted “a very sly way of cutting the [health] budget.”

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