As robots take on more human abilities, a new report on the future of the workforce has been released.

New research has provided a big step forward in the way we understand pancreatic cancer, or rather, cancers.

Doctors and addiction experts will conduct pill testing at NSW festivals, with or without the support of the Government.

South Australian Health Minister Jack Snelling has unveiled a range of changes in response to health staff caught snooping on patient records.

Tech experts have reviewed the botched handling of WA’s hospital digitisation program.

The Prime Minister is under more pressure from the Neolithic faction of the LNP.

Labor is preparing a bill that would ban animal testing for cosmetics in Australia.

An official review has found the national hospital hand-washing campaign to be effective, but quite expensive.

Authorities say asbestos is still being used on Australian building sites.

A baby at the centre of a passionate immigration policy fight has been transferred to community detention.

Eating a so-called ‘paleo diet’ might lead to rapid weight gain with particular risks for diabetics, one study suggests.

Workers have walked off site after man was fatally crushed in a scissor lift at the Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

Researchers have used a small-scale and very specific study to suggest teaching is an innate human behaviour.

New figures show Australia is slacking off on immunisation, and could be putting people at risk.

Excitement is rising around a new cancer treatment that uses a patient’s own cells.

A massive new industry could open up in Australia following research on materials for the thinnest condom ever.

Four billion people face severe water scarcity for at least one month a year, according to a new report.

Biomedical engineers have unveiled a ground-breaking new device over ten years in the making.

A big funding boost has put Melbourne’s Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital redevelopment back on track.

Important interventions could be made with the release of a mobile phone app for detecting autism.

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett says critics of Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) should stop complaining about what is “probably the best hospital in the southern hemisphere”.

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