New research suggests a majority of autism risk is genetic.

Researchers are working on new devices to help diabetic millennials monitor their blood glucose.

Consultants for the NDIS cost almost $30 million in just two years.

Independent research has compared NSW’s healthcare performance against other states and countries.

An emergency vaccine program has been launched in response to an outbreak of meningococcal disease in the NT.

A new study has found puberty can be induced by sexual touch in female rats.

Authorities have warned doctors are ordering too many unnecessary X-rays for children.

Experts have reported on asbestos contamination at the Alice Springs Hospital.

Safety concerns have been raised by the axing of a scheme that provides smoke alarms for the deaf.

The SA Government has taken back control of the Royal Adelaide Hospital redevelopment.

Scientists want laws changed to allow three-parent babies in Australia.

A new report has revealed the high costs for privately insured women with breast cancer.

Researchers in the UK have used CRISPR gene editing on an embryo for the first time.

The Commonwealth Bank has sold its insurance business CommInsure Life for $3.8 billion.

Progress has slowed on plans for artificial intelligence to help users navigate the NDIS.

The Victorian corruption watchdog says illicit drug use is "likely" to be widespread among the state's ambulance service.

Australian researchers say there may be a link between the brain's immune system and the desire to drink alcohol.

Queensland researchers have seen their work realised in the form of a 3D-printed shin bone.

The Department of Human Services has issued new Medicare numbers after it was revealed they were being sold online.

Parkinson’s therapies could soon target an individual’s own unique brain, with a new technique developed by Australian researchers.

Carbohydrates could be the key to a successful malaria vaccine.

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