A common mechanical balloon pump may have some exciting extra uses.

Researchers have grown functional vaginal skin cells outside the body, to help make important discoveries on the relationships between the bacteria that live there.

Medibank Private will be sold for several billion dollars, most likely in the current term of government.

The company behind an important new cancer drug has told Australian oncologists that negotiations with the Federal Government have broken down, and their product will no longer be available.

There are many ways for men to improve their sexual function without relying on medication, according to a study at the University of Adelaide.There are many ways for men to improve their sexual function without relying on medication, according to a study at the University of Adelaide.

Australian researchers have found a link to suggest that children who are infected with rotavirus have a higher chance of developing type 1 diabetes symptoms earlier in life.

Patents are pending on an exciting new DNA-based vaccine for HIV and Hepatitis C, with University of Adelaide researchers saying they have made a major breakthrough.

The United Firefighters Union has accused Victorian authorities of sending its members to battle the Morwell mine fire with inadequate protection from poisonous fumes, and against the warnings of its own expert.

A new approach could see scientists able to produce drugs as easily as brewing beer, massively reducing the cost and energy requirements for many medications.

Researchers have discovered a single genetic abnormality which massively increases the chance of having childhood leukaemia.

Researchers suggest Roquefort cheese can guard against cardiovascular disease, despite its high fat and salt content.

The future of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is unclear once more, with a report into the agency set up to run it saying the scheme is woefully ill-prepared.

Officials have confirmed an Ebola outbreak in Guinea is responsible for the deaths of at least 59 people.

Authorities say three assaults in as many weeks show security is out of hand at the Bunbury Regional Hospital.

The human nose is capable of some high-definition smelling, with a new study estimating we can distinguish around one trillion different scents.

Despite many universities and school condemning the use of Wikipedia as a legitimate source, a new study says thousands of research papers happily cite the open source encyclopaedia.

A looming wave of terminal liver disease could be combated by government funding for powerful new drugs, researchers suggest.

The Queensland Government has continued funding a vital service for women in rural and remote regions.

A clinical study for a new leukaemia treatment has shown a remarkable rate of remission.

An Australian team has presented new findings on the success of revision arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery at a special orthopaedic society meeting in the US.

Genetic researchers have caused a bacterium to evolve a resistance to radiation damage, highlighting the mechanisms that make it possible.

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